Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Privilege of being a Father

Being a mischievous person in a family, I have a tendency to tease everyone in the family specifically my dad. My mom is also part of my evil plan, but somehow she’s immune to it. Every time I try disturbed her, she seems not to be bothered at all. Like, I’m invisible! But, I’m okay with it because I have my father! He will respond to everything a naughty daughter would do to a father, including asking him a lot of questions while he was reading a book. Hehe.

Among the entire evil plan, the favourite thing is when my dad accidently spilled any sorts of liquid he hold with a spoon which we called as ‘gravy’; onto his shirt. It merely a drop of gravy but it keeps happening constantly every day. Every time it spills, I’ll say
“Astaghfirullah lid.. Ish ish ish”.
The word ‘astaghfirullah’ will be pronounced in a tone that emphasized how clumsy he is to let the gravy spilled. My dad on the other hand will just laugh about it because he himself could not understand why the gravy is being so mean to him….everyday. It is sort of like a routine for the gravy. Yeah. You must fall at least a drop. LOL. I actually had suggested him not to wear shirt or perhaps wear a baby napkin while eating to avoid his shirt from getting dirty. But, he didn’t care about it. He thinks it wouldn’t happen again but……… it’s keep repeating on and on and on and on… 0_o

Despite his stubbornness, father is still a father and today is the day all of my “deeds” will be rewarded back to me in a form of GRAVY too. Hurm. It happens during lunch hour. At Jihan Maju’s open house which is located only 3 shops away from our office. We were served with a plate of rice together with a chicken curry and ‘jelatah’ as well as a glass of syrup.

All of us were excited because the previous Mamak restaurant (Al-Madinah) where we used to lunch, err…. All I could remember is the taste of oil (sort of like recycled oil) passing through my esophagus and then having a long vacation in my stomach. Apparently, in a long run the result would be a cute bum all over your waist. Awww. Cute la sangat T_T

While I was eating contentedly, I did not realized the chicken curry have already make its artistic-splash pattern onto my white blouse! Yadaa Yadaa. I know it's my fault for teasing people a lot so, I embraced the 'gravy'nes on my blouse. LOL. I ended up washed my white blouse which is covered with gravy on almost all of the lower front side of the blouse with a Protex bar soap. Since hand dryer is too advanced to be put in an office, I dry it up conventionally by hanging it outside, letting the sun to do his job! I think... it is tooo traditional ain't? 

So, the moral of the story, don’t you dare tease your own father!


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