Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 Fall Essentials

When it comes to fall in Adelaide (Australia), there is only 1 thing I would be sad about. My favorite fig tree at the backyard will be facing a major “hair loss” and I will watch it turning into Professor Xavier the bald guy in X-Men; once again. -_- No fresh fig for this season thou. But, hey! At least I have a nice not-that-cold-but-not-that-hot weather to looking forward to! It is like having a just…nice… of aircond-temperature-level outside your home!

Having fall season and living in Adelaide at the same time are like the most greatest gift from God because you don’t really have to totally cover yourself up in chilly-winter and getting those frostbite (that’s what happens to Asian like me; living in Adelaide 0_o) and….. you don’t have to wear clothes as thin as possible in the summer; which means less layering-style to look up to which doesn’t sound that interesting to me. Besides, you need to shave your armpit all….the…time… unless you wanted to amaze people by suddenly flashed your hairy armpit in front of their face. And then behold of their face’s reaction!

Since it’s a fall season, what are three most essentials item to have in your wardrobe? I’m thinking of:

Long coat
Either sleeveless or not, a long coat with pockets are useful during this kind of season. I don’t know about you. But, my hands are susceptible to cold, windy weather and it will start to get cold easily. With pockets, I could easily tuck in my hands for some warmth.  

Due to its length, wearing skirts is applicable because you have long coat to keep you warm on the inside. This mean, you can make use of those clothes you usually wear during other season. Doesn’t that sound saving your money from shopping again?
Coats sourced from Zara, Saks Fifth Avenue and Topshop 

A comfortable boots that allows sufficient air flow is my favorite choice. I could stay long enough in the university without trying to get off the boots from my feet because of the sweaty-feeling inside. Heels are good choices too as long as it covered the toe.
Shoes sourced from Macy and Anthropologie 

Midi dress
Getting all the way girlish by wearing tight –fitting midi dress during fall season is a check! Something that keeps you feminine and still maintaining adequate warmth of your body; at the same time. 
Body-hugging dress sourced from Anthropologie and H&M

Combining these 3 features plus a good, spacious bag to throw all of my stuffs inside (I think this should be considered as the 4th fall essentials item because it is very useful and prettyyyy), I managed to create a fall essentials look based on the online stores that I browsed on! Tadaa~
sleeveless coat: Topshop
vertical-line dress and shani bar loafers: Anthropologie
crossbody satchel bag: Target

As much as I love to create a look from different clothing line, that much of love goes the same to shopping! I found out that through, I could buy clothes with a cheaper price by using gift cards insteads of cash. Strange.. but interesting ain’t? If I suddenly change my mind to stop my shopping habit (a rare cases that might not happen in 20 years time:p), I could sell those gifts cards that I have on and get my money back with a profit! To find out more, do visit now!

Hurm.. I think I better off now … to spend my money diligently starting with buying gift cards perhaps? Tehee~

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