Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Missing Phone: The Sequel (featuring Iphone 4)

Why do I say it’s a sequel? Coz it’s the second time a phone when missing! This time, it belongs to my Philippine-colleague. This is a true story and it goes like this…

Today isn’t much different to our usual working-life routine. People who arrived early have started to do their work while the late-comers keep coming in with “beep beep” once in a while when they swipe the security card prior to entering the office. Not to forget the magic-greetings-words “Morning!” only to curb your Monday blues a bit. If you are saying “Morning” to your colleague, it actually means “hey today is Monday. Start working your ass off! It’s an awakening-your-mind-greeting kinda stuff. So, nothing unusual about it until……

One of our Philippine-colleague arrived and utter with very-Philippine-english accent “Oh.. my.. God! I left my phowne in the taxi.” All of us were surprised to hear his statement, especially me! I have been in the same situation before. I had lost my phone however; I managed to get it back. But, what came to my mind at that point of time is…will he be able to get his phone back? We always hear rumors about whoever left his phone somewhere; it wouldn’t be there at your second glance. The only thing that could move faster than a glance is the Flash, who actually never exists! But, we still know some thieves have this Flash-ability although they are 10x slower than him yet incredibly 10x faster than us. -_- 

When it comes to something stolen, for example a phone, the usual you will turn into a different person. You’ll tend to be more suspicious of everyone. Any person who have pass through nearby your left-item area will be suspected including an old uncle. You’ll tend to be more aggressive in your action and suddenly too… friendly? You will greet and ask detail question to any stranger nearby the left-item area in case their observation can provide you with any useful clues. Despite not having any knowledge on how to investigate, the detective-instinct automatically turned on at this emergency state. What about your emotion? Truthfully, you are not sure either you should be sad or you supposed to stand up and fight the crime! Ho yeah!

As for me…. I’m a fighter! Hence, I quickly ask Phillip (the Philippine-colleague) for his phone number. To make the whole situation more dramatic, my colleague can’t even remember his own phone number! Hmm… -_- We have to wait for his friend who was answering the nature call right now. Waiting…and waiting…and….

Once I got the phone number, I dialed it up. First trial, no one’s pick up the phone. Second trial, it dial and then goes into voicemail. Third, forth, fifth and up to tenth time of trial…nobody answered and to the voicemail it goes. It really pissed me off when somebody decided to do something nasty with the abandoned phone. Besides, if my Philippine friend couldn’t get his phone back, it would be the most memorable tragedy living in Malaysia. Ain’t gonna happen *determined face*. Pfffft!
So, I decided to blackmail the taxi driver. Either he didn’t pick up the phone because he was driving at that moment or not, I shall assume the worst case scenario. I sent a text message to Phillip’s phone number which sounds like this:

If you were in their shoes, will you feel scared reading this kind of message? You know that people could trace the location of the phone. It’s an iphone! Not Samsung or even Alcatel? :p it’s freaking intelligent phone, you idiot. Don’t you feel that the person sending this message is actually a gangsta despite there’s a slight hint that it is actually a 20’s girl trying to blackmail you? Or you might not like the idea that the message could bring you “Suey” (aka bad luck)? Better to be safe than sorry bro.
Are you imagining this kind of gangsta?

So, what should you do? Call them back and asked them for RM50 for your petrol’s compensation in return for your trouble to deliver the Iphone. Around 15 to 30 minutes later, the taxi driver finally return the call. I don’t have any high hope at all that my message will give an impact or not. Truthfully, I’m a bit surprise. I pick it up and our conversation turns into negotiation. I told him to use the taxi metre from where he depart and just tell me the cost when he finally arrived to the office. He didn’t buy it as he insisted for RM50.  RM50 with the money or not at all. Do I look like the middle man now? 0_o At last, we settle on with RM50 since my Philippine friend is willing to pay for it.

I even ask for his phone number with an excuse that my friend’s phone might be weak right now and he gave it to me. When I open his whatsapp to send the location to him, he is actually a Chinese uncle. From calling him “you” in the conversation, it then became “uncle” when we interact in the next 2 phone calls. The funny thing is after the taxi driver said he have arrived at our place, he reminded me, “jangan lupa bawak 50 ringgit ey”. I replied, “aiyaa. Mestilah ingat uncle. Itu pun nak remind kaa. Aiyoo”.
headband for teen girl, headbands for teenagers, headband for teen
Or this kind of sweet girl are the one who blackmailed you?

Philip then go the lobby to meet the taxi driver who get hold of his iphone. When he came back, he said the taxi driver looks so happy when he got the money. My colleagues and I laughed at it and we said, “the taxi driver might call it a half day today! No need to work for few hours. Already got RM50 to cover! Hahaha”.

Facing this kind of situation makes me realized that not all human being are bad after all. From my conversation with him, I could sense that there is a bit of bad intention stirring in his head and he might be a bit insincere because trying to threaten us for RM50 but he actually still have a good heart to return the phone back to the owner. Perhaps, the relatives-calling-name types make people feel to be more honest as if they were doing it to their own relatives. And, he might need the money more than us do. J

So, What say you about this situation? ^_^

Friday, November 13, 2015

Awwww~ This Korean Guy called me from Far Far Away to say…..

One fine afternoon. Yes, the weather is fine. No, the work is ain’t that fun. -_- (why do I have a feeling that quantity surveyor isn’t ma thing’ but so far, my survival rate have last for more than a year. Wohoo~). As usual… Around half past 10 in the morning is one of the most effective time for me to focus on my job because at that point of time my brain and my stomach plays their own role as yin and yang. My brain have totally warming up and at the same time my tummy is in half-half mood in between still full and getting ready for lunch. During this focusing-hard-on-the-computer-screen mode, my phone rang and it stated that it comes from South Korea.

Surprisingly, I’m totally shocked! What am I thinking at that moment is that; is this some kind of a scheme to trick people something like… “hey! congratulations! You have won 10,000 dollars!” or is it something like when you pick up a call and they started to download all your important information in your phones? Eeek! What should I do? Should I pick up the phone or not?  Should I pick a flower and start counting “pick me do” or “pick me not” game?  While the phone ringing almost to 30 seconds and my mind was still thinking the consequences of picking up the phone or not… the phone stop ringing -_- thank you for making up the decision for me, dear random stranger from South Korea.

After few seconds later, the random stranger from South Korea called me again!  And of course, the same thing happening to me again. Thinking… and thinking… of the consequences either to pick it up or not until….and it hung up. It happen for the third time so…. I think I should pick up the call. So I say,
in case you can't see it, a call log from +821076491006

read the random stranger dialogue using English with Korean-accent in it*

Ifa: hello?

Random stranger from South Korea: hye. I yam fghom Hesh Shop and yhou hav purchased fghom   La..za..da?

Ifa: ohhh yes yes I am… (okey. My brain is functioning now! Now I remember that I have bought something from a shop located in Korea selling cosmetic kinda stuff in Lazada; yesterday. Tehee~)  

Random South Korean guy (it’s a male voice.
So I change to a new name for this random stranger): yhouw owder fghor eye stick numberrr 7 but we doun’t hav’ it anymoghe becos it hav’ been discontinued.

Ifa: ahaa.. okey….?

Random South Korean guy: sow, would you like to changhe to number 13? It is almoghst the same colo’r.

Ifa: yeah. I understand that it have been discontinued. So yeah. I’m fine with it! Change number 7 to 13!

Random South Korean guy: Oh okey. Thank yhow and hav’ a nice dayy’

Ifa: You as well! And thank you for the call! :D

Eventually, there’s no robbing through phone line or no “you have win..” scheme involved here. It’s only a cheerful seller with male voice, from South Korea, asking my permission to change the eyeshadow stick that I have ordered yesterday via Lazada, from number 7 to 13.. Hmm. What a dramatic-day going on in my brain alas; it makes me happy! I don’t even know the why and what makes me happy but you know.. when you are in period, your mood have the tendency to swing thru and fro in a blink!


Friday, January 9, 2015

3 Main Types of Necklace that You should Know

The first time I started to wear accessories happened to be during my university years… Back to few years back, my friends and I are new to fashion and we are always excited to see those different patterns and shapes of accessories being worn by women around us! We were influenced by it..… We were young at that time and sooo naïve about fashion…. Thus, our early exposure turns out to be ‘Christmas-tree-era’! -_- We over accessorized our self. A clash of necklace, bangles and ring allll at once! Oh my. I couldn’t believe it myself but it’s still the best humiliating-memory we’ll ever have! LOL!
Soooo, to avoid other girls out there from experiencing the same early-fashion route like us, how about we have a look on different type and function of accessories available, specifically necklace. 

Statement necklace
Wearing a statement necklace is like wearing a red lipstick. It polished up your whole look to a greater level! The best part of it is that it could be worn in any occasion and in any outfit that crossed your mind. Hurm. I prefer to claim it as a go-with-the-flow necklace. Either it is for fancy party, annual dinner party or girl’s hangout; a statement necklace will bring out the best in you. Be minimal with outfits and then statement necklace will take care of the rest. Let them do the magic trick. Trust me.

these statement necklaces are from Zalora
Well, choker… is a legend. I have seen Disney princess wear it throughout the story line. Despite “it-happens-a-long-long-time ago”, choker is still being embraced until now. I haven’t worn choker before; believing that I will be having a messy time of fixing the headscarves yet exposing the beauty of the choker. Alas! I have seen Aishah Amin flaunt it effortlessly and she looks totally glam and sophisticated babeh! Talking about that, have I mentioned it to you? Wearing choker could create the illusion of much slimmer neck. Thinking about old malay literature phrase huh? Leher jinjang, anyone?

Pendant necklace
Too shy to be on the spotlight? Try pendant necklace. It’s perfectly suitable for ladies who wanted to wear something that wouldn't restrict their day-to-day basis movement; yet able to bring out the best of their personal character. Not too glam.. Not too plain... Juuust enough to shine out the elegance side of you. Besides, you might be luckily mistaken of having an effortless fashion taste. How cool is that? :D

So, thinking of buying one? I'll suggest you the best site you could browsed into. It's ZALORA! They are like your parents but in a 'website' version. If you know what I mean. Wish and ask for anything from them because they have it all... As long as it related to fashion stuff. Hurm, let's get started with necklace online for women first.

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