Friday, November 13, 2015

Awwww~ This Korean Guy called me from Far Far Away to say…..

One fine afternoon. Yes, the weather is fine. No, the work is ain’t that fun. -_- (why do I have a feeling that quantity surveyor isn’t ma thing’ but so far, my survival rate have last for more than a year. Wohoo~). As usual… Around half past 10 in the morning is one of the most effective time for me to focus on my job because at that point of time my brain and my stomach plays their own role as yin and yang. My brain have totally warming up and at the same time my tummy is in half-half mood in between still full and getting ready for lunch. During this focusing-hard-on-the-computer-screen mode, my phone rang and it stated that it comes from South Korea.

Surprisingly, I’m totally shocked! What am I thinking at that moment is that; is this some kind of a scheme to trick people something like… “hey! congratulations! You have won 10,000 dollars!” or is it something like when you pick up a call and they started to download all your important information in your phones? Eeek! What should I do? Should I pick up the phone or not?  Should I pick a flower and start counting “pick me do” or “pick me not” game?  While the phone ringing almost to 30 seconds and my mind was still thinking the consequences of picking up the phone or not… the phone stop ringing -_- thank you for making up the decision for me, dear random stranger from South Korea.

After few seconds later, the random stranger from South Korea called me again!  And of course, the same thing happening to me again. Thinking… and thinking… of the consequences either to pick it up or not until….and it hung up. It happen for the third time so…. I think I should pick up the call. So I say,
in case you can't see it, a call log from +821076491006

read the random stranger dialogue using English with Korean-accent in it*

Ifa: hello?

Random stranger from South Korea: hye. I yam fghom Hesh Shop and yhou hav purchased fghom

Ifa: ohhh yes yes I am… (okey. My brain is functioning now! Now I remember that I have bought something from a shop located in Korea selling cosmetic kinda stuff in Lazada; yesterday. Tehee~)  

Random South Korean guy (it’s a male voice.
So I change to a new name for this random stranger): yhouw owder fghor eye stick numberrr 7 but we doun’t hav’ it anymoghe becos it hav’ been discontinued.

Ifa: ahaa.. okey….?

Random South Korean guy: sow, would you like to changhe to number 13? It is almoghst the same colo’r.

Ifa: yeah. I understand that it have been discontinued. So yeah. I’m fine with it! Change number 7 to 13!

Random South Korean guy: Oh okey. Thank yhow and hav’ a nice dayy’

Ifa: You as well! And thank you for the call! :D

Eventually, there’s no robbing through phone line or no “you have win..” scheme involved here. It’s only a cheerful seller with male voice, from South Korea, asking my permission to change the eyeshadow stick that I have ordered yesterday via Lazada, from number 7 to 13.. Hmm. What a dramatic-day going on in my brain alas; it makes me happy! I don’t even know the why and what makes me happy but you know.. when you are in period, your mood have the tendency to swing thru and fro in a blink!


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