Monday, September 1, 2014

A Day before Graduation Day

I dedicated this entry to you and
this is what happened on 19 August 2014

Tomorrow is a day someone dear to me will be attending a graduation ceremony in Adelaide. yeayy! I am so thrilled and excited for him to an extent that I have the thought of flying to Adelaide just for the sake of celebrating together with him! He must be so happy if were there, standing in front of him, giving him a nice descent sweet smile only to make him melting much much more towards me, and then on my hand there’s a bouquet of fresh flower with a little brown bear wearing mortar board glued in the middle of the flower bouquet, and I handed it over to him. Awwwww… so sweet of me! If only I could turn it into reality if I could willingly cash out RM1,000 for return flight to Adelaide. sigh~

So here I am in Malaysia and he’s in Adelaide. Embracing my daily life as usual, waking up early in the morning to go to work without thinking to do anything special to him since my mind could only think of is going there, and that’s it! No other weird, crazy stuff such as asking one of my friends in Adelaide to bring and hold laptop with her to his graduation day while my face will appear on the screen through Skype so that it looks like I’m in Adelaide. tehee~

My parents know about his graduation day. They keep asking me either I had prepared anything for him or not. My father even encouraged me to do a Congratulations card! Wow! Since when are they more concerned towards him than me? Am I adopted? 0_o

Okay. They have been asking the same question because they know I love to make handmade gifts for family and friends instead of buying a ready-made especially if it involves “designing cards”. I feel like it is more….. sentimental? My father in fact advised me; which sounds like this,
“sometimes”, said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

He’s right. The moment the wise man give the “wise word of the day”, I suddenly feel motivated and full with spirit to make a Congratulations card for his day! I must do something. I’m not even coming for his graduation day. Shame on me! What an inconsiderate person am I not to make something for his once in a lifetime event. That night, I have been spending 3hours solid to make the card. I sketch, I color layer by layer and I’m asking help from my father’s handwriting which is obviously much more ‘kawaai’ than mine. My handwriting looks like a chicken’s doodles aka cakar ayam.

And…… wallah! A special card made with love for someone I love :) Congratulations and hope you love the big fat dinosaur! tiutttnyeeeww


  1. masyaAllah... comelnye kad. Hehehehhe.
    Sporting parents u ye. Agaknya diorang tau si dia sesuai dijadikan menantu.
    Dan tuan punye blog sangat cantik ;)

    1. mungkin2. hehe. thank u for the compliment :) Allah kasi. heee

  2. Bukan saya laaaa. orang lain la. hahaha. ni mesti main hantam je ni komen. 0_o



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