Monday, August 18, 2014

A Baby Blue Sunday

In the previous post, I had mentioned to you that I’ll be making some ‘investment’ (or perhaps should I call it shopping again? :P) on clothes specifically something that could be worn for daily causal wear. However, it seems that what I bought is not the same as what I intended to buy! Ouh, the typical me. The reason is I couldn’t help but to fall in love with ‘baju raya’ outfit designed by this very sweet, warm, tall lady by the name of Daalen. It’s a lucky coincidence though! I were actually been thinking of embracing a sequined ‘baju raya’ or sequined shawl at least; considering that a sequined baju raya is a staple for this year Aidilfitri celebration huh? Why? Because like….. most of the shops in KL Raya Fest which I attended last month were selling Aidilfitri clothing with sequin on it. How could I not being influenced by it? Temptations...can't resist....

However, sequins doesn’t have that much magnetic attraction towards me as compared to this particular ‘mini kurung’ do. Scanning through all the shops positioned by my right and left hand side, eventually, I was stoked in front of CoveredbyDaalen shop where a standing mannequin wrapped in ‘mini kurung triangle’ captivated my eyes. To me, the mini kurung is effortlessly beautiful with bit of button detailing on the front and sleeve area (psst. it's bf and wudhu' friendly. how cool is that). The bottom part of the top is then covered with lace and dusted with some embellishments to give some polishing look for the kurung top. The most devilishly stunning part? Is the way the skirt drape and flow when people walk in it. *gaping my mouth*

baby blue mini kurung: CoveredbyDaalen
blue bawal: Mum 
envelope clutch: ColetteHayman

black kitten heels: Renoma

I’m actually are saving this ‘mini kurung’ for a special meet up with a special someone. But, a special dress doesn't meant for a dirty work, in this case; playing-with-watercolour-activity with him during our date. I'm pissed off that he couldn't see the elegant side of me (tehee) but i wouldn't let any drop of watercolor happily immersed into this dress's fabric to make their own way of 'art'. No no! So :(, I wore this ‘mini kurung’ during my friend’s wedding instead; and interestingly it’s in Putrajaya! A heavenly spot for a photoshoot. So, after the wedding, le me and my friends (including my friend’s sister) decided to go to Pullman for some phone-photoshoot? We’re actually not expecting any photoshoot at all which means we didn’t bring our DSLR. Another harsh reality -_-

To make it more interesting for you dear my readers, we are having a photoshoot at 3 in the evening. Walking by the Pullman lake, a blazing sun is an essential. It hit directly to our face resulting in… A sweaty armpit in a gorgeous dress. An oily, glossy finishes face in a gorgeous dress. How cool is that huh? *raising eyebrow twice*

Whatever the obstacles are, we are still having our photoshoot with a strong will inside. Haha! A lot of  posing, awkward posing precisely. Are you expecting a hidden-modeling-talent here? Me hope so :p And also.…. A lot of flying activity going around the Pullman area. People might be thinking that “Hey! it’s a bird! It’s a plane! No. It’s just another random girl trying to be a model". Hey, what’s the harm if you crossed a big fan of The Face TV show (website | fb)  with a lady wearing a gorgeous dress. There’s only a phone that is being harmed in this scene due to insufficient memory space.

Obviously it’s me who do a lot of that jumping trying to make the flowy skirt look much much more flowy and voluminous with a great help from Mr. Windy! Yay!  I really like The Face that I purposely implementing what I learned in the TV show into my photoshoot. One of the tips is to jump just…a…little…bit….in order to get a good picture. Hurm. Too much media influences ain’t? Anyhow, how I wish I could do a small collaboration with Daalen for her upcoming Aidiladha collection. Perhaps some fun, jumping flowy, sweaty photoshoot, dear Daalen? Hehe. I’ve heard that you will be releasing this ‘mini kurung’ again. Ehem. Anyone want one? note: I had trouble in choosing which pastel colour I want for this 'mini kurung' ^__^


  1. Baju kurung cantik.. :)
    Btw, nice blog sis.. nak belajar dari atirah lah.. heheh

  2. Nice scenery, a tiny you...
    Nice blog, tq for your blogwalked...

  3. Gorgeous 'mini kurung dress', and it fits perfectly to you! ^^

  4. thank u everybody! don't forget to visit CoveredbyDaalen! :D



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