Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Day Raya Look byFatinSuhana

Months before Syawal showing up and knock on my door, I am one of those “people’ who will sit on the thinking chair; scrabbling sketches of Raya outfits….. for myself! I think I have grown accustomed to designing my own Raya outfit since 4 years back; the day I celebrated Aidilfitri far from my beloved family for the first time in my life. The day there will be 2 in 1 event of celebrating Raya plus going to classes. The day friends become my family to celebrate Aidilfitri together. The day skyping with the family is the thing and the fact ‘duit raya’ somehow never crossed our mind is such mind blowing.

However, it’s a whole lot different this year round. I could celebrate Aidilfitri with my beloved family and I could buy my own ready-made Raya outfits! Yeay! ^_^ Since I’m currently in a process of revamping my own wardrobe which is 85% filled with old clothes and style that doesn’t suited the 24 year-old-soul in me, I’m trying to shift the style bit by bit firstly; by choosing baju raya that could be worn for everyday wear as well.

Red chilli bawal scarf: Mum
Red vintage bag: Mum
Primor dress: byFatinSuhana
Black kitten heels: Renoma

I found….. Primor dress by byFatinSuhana! :D A dress that is not too plain basic for Raya celebration yet; not too sparkly or fancy to be worn casually. The most intriguing part about this dress lies on its pattern which looks like an artist have been playing around with patterns by splashing a big yellow stroke horizontally on a white canvas following leopard prints being stamped on any part they think it should be applied to. Er, am I the only one who think that far right now? O_o

But, hey! I have two great ideas on how to mix and match this simple yet artistic dress. For the first Raya celebration, I’m pairing Primor dress by byFatinSuhana with chilli red bawal matching with red bold vintage bag and pointy black shoes. I think this look show a little bravery in you and at the same time give radiance to your face.     

For another style, I’m imagining style that suited for girls hang out which I will be posting it later on. Crossing my fingers hoping that I will publish it within this month. I hope ‘this’ look would give a tiny bit boost of inspiration for everyone especially to those people out there who love the way I put on and match my outfits as well as for people who have the same Primor dress and thinking of a different way to pair it up. ^_^

Note: Congratulations Fatin Suhana for your new opening boutique
 and I look forward for your next new collection!



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