Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Motivation: The Perks of Being a Model + Bonus [Being a Model is Not All About Having a Pretty Face]

If someone randomly asked me “Nak jadi model tak?”, I would reply “yes. Of course! I would love to!” It’s all because of what the model could wear in return for advertising the client’s brand. Those pretty clothes. Those classic clutches or bags. Those gorgeous statement necklaces. Bla, bla, bla... How can I resist that?!

Imagined yourself wearing the coolest looks every day because it is your job? Hurm, it only happens if you are a model. If your actual job is actually, for example quantity surveyor; can you imagined yourself wearing those ugly, yellow, plastic boots like what Phua Chu Kang used to wear for a site visit; perhaps twice a week? Eeergh~ Okay, actually the safety boots are usually look like a real boots. But, I do noticed most of the construction workers wear that yellow boots. It seems more economical for them, I guess.

What I love about being a model is that I could wear different kind of makeup. From a chic girl to sexy, sassy, gothic, sweet, etc. The best part is makeup can totally change you from a girl-next-door to Natalie Portman, for example. Therefore, not having the prettiest face in the town is not a big deal. Wink wink~ So, fret not to all the girls out there who have a dream of being a model or something related to that kind of stuff; but do not have much courage to go for audition just because you feel you do not meet the beauty requirement as being portrayed by those actresses on the tv. Chill girl! Makeup can transform you from a cute, little duckling into a beautiful swan.

If you are pissed off with people who love to tease about particular part of your body, it indicates that you are insecure about yourself. For instance, if some people have fun in teasing how Chinese-look you really are just because you have monolid eyes, or if some people loves to joke about how skinny you are as if you are a walking skeleton, or perhaps if people keep commented how thick your eyebrow is and you feel angry about it; it is call INSECURE. Of course you should feel happy about it. Thanks to them, you have finally discovered your great and unique features! Yeaaayy! Can’t you see it? How many people with monolid eyes that couldn’t rock on smoky eyes? Zilch! How many skinny models that don’t have a strong jaw? Nadaa!~ And….. How many people have the same thick eyebrows as Cara Delevingne, a British fashion model? Me? :p

The point is… everyone is beautiful in their own unique way like what Tyra Banks said “Human is beautiful; perfect is boring”. If you think you can’t beat those gorgeous girls out there, always remember that beauty without talent is a waste. A true example of a girl who has shown talent more than beauty is a Malaysian girl who had beaten other 15 beautiful models and managed to pass through 13 episodes in Asia Next Top Model Cycle 2.  It’s Sheena Liam. Woot!~ Woot!~  

Initially, I couldn’t believe that she’s the winner of AsNTM when I saw her on the front cover of The Star 2. The truth is I didn’t watch AsNTM as much as I’m watching The Face. Perhaps, only twice? Tehee~ So, knowing how far all the participants performed is out of my grasp. But, if people asked me which participants I would say pretty at the first glance, I wouldn’t mentioned Sheena. But, if people asked me again after she had won the first place, I would be in no doubt that she deserves it. Although she is not the prettiest model among the participants, I do believe she have what it takes to be a model.

She provides consistently great works. She works hard. She fit the clothes well. She is versatile. She has a distinctive personality. She has this. She has that. And the list goes on and on and on… and this is how it works in the modelling industry. The model should possessed all-rounded characteristics. Thus, be confident and be proud of yourself! If Sheena can do it, we can do it! Hip hip hooray!!

Note: I’m actually confused what my post should be. It is sort of a mixture of: why we are interested in modelling + injection of confidence for insecure girls + about Sheena Liam + little bit of my imagination. Looks like “4 in 1 Instant Nescafe with Confusion-flavour” to me. Teheee~~ 


  1. but now banyak menyampah lah dengan orang2 terlampau perasan.

    1. itupun 1 hal besar gak tu. nak tegur dia ingat kite jeles.biarkanlah si luncai dgn labu2nya. bahahha



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