Friday, March 28, 2014


I dedicated this poem
To MH370 passengers & crews;
And; to Ami Schaheera

A short, single word, which holds the darkest aura of horror
Sending a shiver and chill down to the bone of every soul that lives
For they know no one could escaped from mortality
Not even for a human with deeds as large as the ocean; with sins as small as a seed

Death comes as eerily as ghost creeping towards its frightening prey
Taking the heart of a soul breathtakingly like a mere exhale of breath
For once the heart is taken away; every living human is dragged to the Day of Judgment
The day that will determine a path closer to God in Heaven or standing next to Satan in hell

They know that even if deeds are given the ability to speak;
Wouldn't dare to make a promise with them for the prosperity in the hereafter
Because human learn; God is Al-Hakim,
And Al-‘Alim for every creature that He created

Every living soul has the chance to hold on to God’s hand tightly
Yet, having equal fate to be greeted at the entrance by the Satan; who smiled cunningly to its future acquaintances
Whichever key that a soul grasped,
Each soul has been destined to be taken away peculiarly by the Angle of Death
Some; are bounded deep down in the Indian Ocean
Some; selected to be tortured silently by tumor


This poem exist due to my intrigues  towards The Raven movie where I have learn that Edgar Allan Po’s poem have captured my heart.


  1. Alahai blog dah lain. cantik sangat .. lepas ni aktif la balik menuliss. hee

  2. hai!! cantik kan? cantik kan? nanti saya promote designer dia.haha. alaa. nak sangat aktif tapi internet slow gile.tgh tunggu org dtg pasal wifi :( huhu. anyway, thank u soo much!! de jugak insan2 yg hepi nk follow blog saya :D i appreciated it!

  3. assalamualaikum ...jalan2 singgah ke sini mlm ni...:)



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