Sunday, March 16, 2014

The most Irrelevant but Valid Reason on WHY CAR SPEED UP ON THE ROAD

We usually think that speeding car indicates that the driver wanna show off their awesome sports car or perhaps their "awesome" skill or they "wanna die fast" as what Malaysian usually cursed "tak sayang nyawa betol la.". well, i said no.there's other reason behind it that i called as Emergency state. the reason is? my mom

So, it started like this. While my father and I were waiting for the pharmacist to process our payment; my mom who supposed to be waiting for us in the car suddenly came into the pharmacy counter asking about ‘something’ to the pharmacist with sort of worried and also anxious face. The pharmacist replied “no, sorry madam”. Hearing the answer and with the look of my mom’s face which is getting more worried, three of us quickly get back into the car in a hurry worrying that my mom would be in trouble if we didn’t reach home on time because my mom needs “something” badly. To make things easier, my father drop my mother at a nearby salon where we used to go so that we could solved her problem with "something". To make things worse, it turns out that the salon didn’t have that “something” for today.

So, off we go to our most promisable destination in dealing with my mom's "something", which is obviously HOME. While my father tried to drive as fast and at the same time as cautious as possible; my mom on the other hand, started to get mad and blame on everything including the insensitive, slow traffic light and those hump (we Malay usually call it bumper) in our residential area!  It is really fun to watch my mom's behavious especially when you know that your mom does not always realize that she unexpectedly talks or does something funny!

On our way home, the road that we usually see as a smooth and take your-own-sweet-time Lalaland turns out to be something quite annoying for my mom. The first hump is still okay. The second hump is okay as well. But, by the time we reached the third hump, she asked in frustrated tone "kenapalah banyak sangat bumper ni oiii..”. I look at my father and my father glimpsed at me and then both of us laughed because all this while, she doesn’t even bothered about those humps and not forgetting that she could sleep well after passing like 8 humps? :p. So, my father teased her back by saying that “aiy. tak pernah-pernah kisah pasal bumper, tiba-tiba je bumper kena marah hari ni. hahaha”. LOL.

There is another incident happened on our way home. The thing that she can wait calmly before this such as a looooong break of red traffic light have change into a super annoying thing! She commented about the traffic light “woii. Cepatlah traffic light oi. Lame pulak kau merah yee.”. and again, both of us burst out into laughter because we know she is in emergency state due to the ‘something’ that she has mentioned to the pharmacist.

As more obstacles come, the more restless my mom is. At last, we reached home! Although home is right in front of us, there is still trouble awaiting my mom. The front door! I wanted to help her open the door quickly because between my mom and I, she has more trouble to open the front door. It turns out at that moment, there’s a problem as I keep wiggle and wiggling the door key into the door hole and at last! Behold! The door open just 3 cm wide and my mom quickly shoved me to the door side and then run as fast as she could to... the TOILET. Hehe.

Yup, that the “something” I’ve been talking about.. Coincidently, there is no water supply for today and that had made small matter into something big. So, after you have read this, you should realized and understand that certain car speed up with a good intention…. Which is to save their mom. :p


  1. hahahaha. at least sempat jugak untuk ke 'something'.

  2. kocix: hahaha.evrything is possible
    syahira: kaaaannnn? nak nanges rsenye tgk blog sendiri :(
    myra:haiiii. ape khabar? :D
    izzah:alhmdulillah. segalanya selamat. hehe



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