Monday, March 11, 2013

Randomness for 2013

First of all, i wanted to say that....

Done! Okay….it's been such a long timee aku tak update blog favourite aku ni. so much hardwork.. such a continuous keeping this little blog of mine so that it's always updated. so that it always feels 'alive'. so that i can always remind myself who i am. Sometimes, people tend to forget who they are (I mean like what my best qualities is) Yeah.. sometimes, I do tend to forget and end up, aku rasa low self esteem. Sooo me. Actually, not really all the time, just, sometimes. Aka kadang-kadang. So, this is where my blog plays the important role of keep reminding me of who I am.

Other than saling ingat-mengingati, this blog kinda leave a special mark kat aku. Because it is so full of memories. so full of me. so full of my thoughts. my perangai. my stories. my fashion sense. things yang happen surrounding aku and bla bla bla. All and all, it does have sentimental value and i shouldn't abandoned it, again, right? muehehe. Besides, I do realized that I love to think! (inherited it from my bapak!) So, this is where aku akan spit out everything yang aku terfikir. It does boost my brain to keep operating and functioning. Maybe, it looks like this blog is actually part of MY BRAIN??

I know aku merepek je untuk entry ni. dah lama tak menulis, otak pun agak karat. whatever it is, welcome to 2013!! and hello to my followers!! ^_^ did you guys miss me? ;P


  1. miss you lah dear..update selalu..:)

  2. hai korang semua!!! nampaknya masih ade yg tnggu sy update ye.hehe.miss u guys as well!!



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