Friday, May 11, 2012

Street Style - JAPAN

Today I have to write fully in English because my parents warned me not to rojak-rojak -_- sigh… I hate it especially when I couldn’t spot grammatical error in a sentence. Bla bla bla.. Anyway, do you still remember on my last entry titled “the infusion of Japanese street style” where I show my outfit, a really simple one?. Not too much accessories. I bet you don’t even remember that huh? Unless you are one of my big fans including my Lid and Umi, you might remember it as well! Yeaah... I keep praising that Japan have the most unique and original style but I haven’t showed you their outfits yet. I think I have to show it rather than writing an entry (which I have wrote before) saying that I adored them without any pictures as a proof on why I like their style, and then you are so curious that you search for Japan street style on Google, and you’ll be frustrated with the results as there is only lots lots of decora or any style that is fancy as that.

The result is you might get annoyed of the pictures shown because you couldn’t get to the point why I love their style so much! Therefore, me as a kind-hearted person, I decided to put the pictures for you. In order to do that, I have to print screen the picture (because Style-Arena prohibited from saving the image straight into the desktop -_-), then re-open it in Photoshop, rearranged it so that I could fit in 4 different style in one picture, put a nice background that match the four of them, add some text just to make it more appealing, and tadaaa~~. ^_^ it’s kinda win-win situation. You will no more wonder how their apparel look like and you might somehow unconsciously fall in love with them as well, same as me! At the same time, I am promoting all of you to love Japanese street style because that’s my real motif! Agree? 

Talking about their style, what I really love about them is they could rock in skirts matched with man-shoes look alike (aku tak tahu nama specific kasut tu.wa balun saja!)! In Malaysia, if we are wearing skirt, we have a perception that wedges or heels are perfect fit for skirts, so we tend to wear them. I hate the feeling of wearing something to look good but my feet have to suffer the bad consequences! It’s damn painful! That is the reason I love thick crust, platform shoes, which is wear by one of them! It’s flat as flat shoes but it’s thick, that kinda of make me look a few inches taller. Besides, I feel comfortable wearing it since I don’t need support from 6-inch tall tiny stick that stuck below my shoes! Anyway, why on earth do I need to look taller? Owh! I forgot that I’m short. Ngee~ Not too short. Sedang-sedang saja.

I do really think that Japan somehow showed that you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. I don’t think you gonna look bad or weird wearing skirts with sneakers because I, myself, had done it before! Not so feminine? Nay. You are a girl. You don’t have to worry about trying to look more feminine because… you… are... a.. girl? Make sense? Haha. Besides, I don’t feel like I would accept the existence of bunions, calluses, corn pain, etc if I wear high heels. That’s too much to sacrifice for. Bla bla bla.. I’m talking too much about their shoes ain’t I? That’s weird because I love clothes more than shoes. Don’t feel like wanna elaborate their clothes since I’m not good at it. However, wanted to say that I love the necklace wear by one of them! Even though you might see that the necklace kinda look like.. you know what it is.. 


  1. Setuju pasal heels tuh. Suka suka. Di rumah banyak flats jak. heels no way. Sy pun reti mau guna benda tu. hehehe.

  2. i mean tak reti nak guna. opps typo.

  3. necklace langsir mak. haha! yang 2nd tu sangatlah comel!

  4. syiela:kan kan.hidup platform shoes!!!
    keyha:tu ar pasal tp nmpk cool jugak kn?



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