Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey U Blogger, Why U NO write in English?

Actually, I don’t think I have the guts of writing each and every entry in English. It’s quite challenging for me as I’m not really really good in English. Yes I can communicate in English but the usage of the vocab? Naah~.. just simple words as long as you get my message. Since it’s challenging, I’m thinking of have a go. Pheeeww. Anyhow, I’m a little bit afraid that my blog would “looks like a formal speech” rather than “a diary that talks about everything and I’m fluently writing it without a doubt that there’s no grammatical or whatsoever error”. Even right now I’m facing some difficulty as I couldn’t express my feeling well like in previous entry due to the fact that…. I don’t know how to explain it well in English! Besides, my brain is suddenly working and thinking in English?! 0_o In malay, u can easily rojak anything as all of us are talking rojak language! But, in English… faham-faham sendiri ler.

Actually, I was wondering what could happen if I’m blogging in English? How will I spill out my feelings or opinions towards something? Can you guys understand what I’m talking about? And how many hours would I spend on each entry by thinking, writing and re-read it back just to ensure that there’s no obvious error and everyone understand what I’m talking about. And, I couldn’t imagine how I might write style diary entry? Can I pull it off well? Or I might just end up looking like an 9th grade student trying to write what she felt and trying to describe the apparel that she’s wearing, which the entry gonna look quite cute provided that you are really a 9th grade student. 0_o The truth is, you are 3rd year university student and you still cannot write well in English? Shame on me!

Anyway, what’s the advantage of having an English written blog? From what I observed, I could gain international followers!! How cool is that? Your followers not just come from Malaysia or Indonesia, but also from Australia, New Zealand, etc.. This means people from around the world know you! Can you imagined while you’re walking alone, on a street, in London and then someone approached you telling you that they are your big fan. And you were flattered with their statement and then you guys snap a picture together.  Then, this particular someone upload it in his blog stating that he is soo happy that he met you and what a small world it is. Whoaaa..Talking about worldwide fame huh? ^_^

Then, what’s the baaad (mbeek…mbeeek) news? If you are not really good in English, you might end up posting entries full of poor sentences which kinda….affect your reputation? Before this, your readers love your sempoi , main-tibai-bahasa-melayu entry. And then, somehow when you start change your blog language, your readers still love your way of writing provided that you wrote it well. But, if the writing turns out the other way round, they might commenting you to write the usual way stating that it’s more lively, etc. or maybe certain of them would just bluntly stated that this and this sentence should be like this. And that words are inappropriately used. Etc, etc, etc. It’s kinda discouraging though. But if you insist on writing it in English, it could be a good way to improve! Am I right? =)

Soooo.. Do you think I should start to write entries in English? Whataya think? Any other comments?


  1. You can write it both. Campur campur la depends on the entry. Nak tulis pasal apa, tapi kalau pasal personal life fie lagi suka baca in BM. hikhik. Boleh explain dengan deepest feeling gitu.

  2. once, i tried to come out with english entry in my blog..tapi sangat2 broken..hakhak..kadang2 malu nk tulis english, tkut kne kutuk..nway, keep it up ifa athirah..seronok gak kan skali skala buat bahasa rojak...

  3. mix la dear..sbb akak ni pon x tererr mane BI..haha..mengaku jek..kalo word yg canggih2 skit x paham still baca ur n3..;)

  4. I damn bad in english.. Best campur2. mcm sy kan kak, seriously takut nak buat entry in english... takut grammatical error and vocabs sure all out. huhuh. ada sikit bombastic words. dah lemah... huhu... btw, keep it up sis...

  5. Both la dear...hehhe...
    malaysian kan tkenal dgn "kerojakan" bahasa... =)

    ~blog walking...follow u ya =)

  6. Its ur words... who cares?

    Slagi awak rasa selesa... truskan shj.


  7. fifie:haah kn.kalau nk feeling2, bm trbaik!haha
    najihah:sy rasa tak pe je tulis maknanya sblum publish tu, i try la google sama ada ayt tu betul atau x.itu blh improve :)
    kak nens c.:thank u akk!!hehe.takpe kak.yg penting, keep on learning.
    syiela:awk pn blh tulis english pe.yg pnting try to improve the words by googling. jd mcm 1 homework plak utk stiap entry.hihi
    keyha:haha!rojak mknn pn the best!
    eleea:haha :)
    cimon:yg pnting, sntiasa brusaha utk improve :_)

  8. Hi there Ifa! I found you and your blog when you wrote a short comment on my blog. Gee, thanks:) I love your blog and encourage you to write in english. My english was not that good but i force myself to stick to this foreign language in order for myself to improve it apart from reading NST everyday. Believe it or not, it is simple to express yourself in english rather than in malay without really sounding jiwang sometimes. Good luck! And guess what, i have just started to follow your blog today. I hope you do too. Have a nice day.

  9. seems that u're adapted to the language and you write well!that's great! i try to do it slowly ;P

  10. anyway,how to follow ur blog?couldnt find any follow button :(

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hahaha. Thanks for the compliment. I guess you have to do it manually as i do not reveal my followers since i do not so much. Just go to dashboard and add my blog by typing its URL. You will get it when you click to 'Home'. And if you really want to follow. Thank you. Have a nice day.



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